Selasa, 22 April 2014

KPAI Rated JIS Less Cooperative

Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) Asrorun Niam Sholeh hope the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) can be more cooperative helps uncover cases of sexual crimes that befall students. During this time , the JIS rated yet fully open .

Asrorun exemplifies chronology information file made ​​in writing . JIS party had promised to send them by e - mail on Thursday ( 4/17/2014 ) ago . However , to this day , has not been accepted chronology of the file description .

"The school ( JIS ) should be cooperative , not yet nothing has been said baseball is , " said Asrorun in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Another example , said Asrorun , is the indication of a victim other than AK in JIS . According to him , while trying to dig up information from both parents as well as internal party JIS , KPAI immediately told that there were no casualties other than the AK . In fact , the possibility of other victims simultaneously informed by parents to KPAI .

Related indication of the possibility of other victims besides AK , Commissioner for Education KPAI Susanto said information also will dig JIS alumni . KPAI trying to figure out the truth of information that says that there is no indication of sexual violence against children , whether in kindergarten or at different levels of education , such as elementary, middle , and high school .
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Previously , JIS also has formed an internal investigative team involving three embassies, the United States , Australia , and England . All three were also asked embassy security audit system , especially in the school toilets . JIS claim pemyelidikan committed to support the efforts made ​​by the police from the beginning .


Senin, 21 April 2014

Suharto's Long Road Towards Titiek Senayan

Suharto's Long Road Towards Titiek Senayan
Golkar Party won one seat from the electoral district of Yogyakarta to the House of Representatives seat . Although the results of the Commission plenary DIY recap and have not set the number of seats each political party .

However, a survey of several institutions in Yogyakarta , Siti Hediati called Hari or Titiek Suharto won the most votes among legislative candidates ( candidates ) the House of Golkar .

To achieve the parliamentary seats , not easy to do by Titiek Suharto . For internal Golkar advanced from DIY Dapil there are two candidates a tough competitor , namely Gandung Pardiman and personal Rahmat .

From Dapil DIY , Titiek occupies one serial number . While Gandung Pardiman occupy two serial number . While private Rahmat serial number three .
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Titiek Suharto and Personal Rahmat , both are administrators in Golkar . Chairman titiek occupy one field farmers and fishermen . Rahmat Priabdi also known as the near DPP Chairman of Golkar Party , Bakrie .

Wheat Pardiman in Yogyakarta is known as a public figure who is widely known in the province , especially in Gunungkidul . Golkar political career traces , too long . In 2004-2009 Gandung sit as a member of Parliament DIY . In 2009 , Gandung a member of the House of Representatives .

He was also twice elected as Chairman of the Council of the Golkar Party DIY . As early as the chairman of the DPD , he beat ( late) GBPH Joyokusumo . While in the second period he beat Personal Rahmat .


Sabtu, 19 April 2014

Suspicious CBA Coalition Indonesia Raya Just "banana kick"

DPP Chairman of the Political Sector of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Marwan Jafar pessimistic that Muslim-based parties can unite in the face of the presidential election of 2014. Fact, he suspected that the central axis of the coalition who wish to be refined into a coalition Indonesia Raya just a political maneuver to support presidential candidate particular.

"Is this a genuine coalition? Or kick banana politics to support a particular candidate," said Marwan, in a discussion in Cikini, Jakarta, Saturday (19/04/2014).

Marwan explained, unification of Muslim-based political parties more difficult because there is a party that take their own stance even when the coalition Indonesia Raya being finalized. Marwan is the intended party PPP, where its chairman, Suryadharma Ali has said it will support the candidate would Gerindra Prabowo.

Beyond that, he added, each Muslim-based parties would have had capresnya own. By doing so, the debate will be held tough when election time already in sight.

"So we tend to form a coalition with the National Party. When the Islamic party, there is no figure that can compete, time to improve electability is also very short," he said.

As reported on Thursday (04/17/2014), the Advisory Council Chairman Amien Rais of PAN issued a proposal of coalition Indonesia Raya. The coalition is considered as a complement coalition Amien central axis which is filled by as many political parties.
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Amien submit the proposal in a closed-door meeting with representatives of all Muslim-based parties and a number of Islamic organizations. The proposal was based on the importance of involving all stakeholders in building a diverse Indonesian.


Jumat, 18 April 2014

Coalition with Gerindra , SDA Hope So Minister

Observers of political communication from the State Islamic University ( UIN ) , Pangi Syarwi Chaniago , assess coalition PPP Gerindra as event Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) to regain the position as minister .

" PPP Coalition to Gerindra unconditionally in the multi-party presidential system is a lie . I think SDA was unable to hold back political power and increasing libido SDA , for example, the minister if Prabowo interests win , " said the Okezone Pangi , Friday ( 19/4 / 2014 ) .

According Pangi , the party bearing the Kaaba was not worth thinking about the coalition , given the current disputes in the party 's internal body .
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" SDA improper political conduct coalition with Gerindra when political tempest that swept his party . PPPs has been far from democratic values ​​consensus , a lot happened last dismissal fired secretary general of the PPP under the SDA becomes very feudal elite that serves as a determinant , " he explained .

Therefore , he continued , is only natural that there is someone who wants to overthrow the SDA over a coalition with Gerindra maneuver .

" He ( SDA ) is building oligarchic party system that is the decision by a handful of people. Nah ppp coalition are few decisions . Chaotic ppp should be resolved first in the wake of new internal coalition , we wait who's a firefighter internal conflict PPP , " he said .


Kamis, 17 April 2014

Success Team Two pair Cagub Lampung not Want Signed Plenary Results

The team successfully pair candidates for governor and vice governor Herman HN - Zainuddin Hassan ( Manzada ) did not want to sign the results of the plenary recapitulation Lampung governor's race in 2014 , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) . In addition Manzada successful teams , successful team mate number 4 - Tabarani Alzier Dianis Lukman Hakim ( Aman ) also did the same thing when the plenary summary execution took place .

Commission Chairman Metro Rahmatullah , a number of candidate pairs walkout action governor considered unethical because recapitulation unfinished . Meanwhile , Chairman of the Campaign Team Manzada , Agus Nugroho Bakti , said at a plenary walkout action is a form of distrust in electoral administration because it is not considered professional .

"If there are elections watchdog agency suddenly acting unprofessional , execution pilgub disability law , so we do not want to be responsible with the results of the determination of the sound plenary pair candidates for governor , " said Agus BN .
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According to him , he's still going to take the results of the minutes of the plenary meeting to be used as the charge material to the Constitutional Court ( MK ) . The results of the ongoing open plenary pair number 2 Ridho Fikardo - Bakhtiar excel in 10 districts of the city followed by the pair number 3 Herman HN - Zainuddin Hassan , then the pair number 1 Diamond Tihang - Mukhlis Basri and last - Tabarani Alzier Dianis Lukman Hakim .


Selasa, 15 April 2014

SBY Decide Democratic Candidate Convention Continues

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) decided , the implementation of the Convention on the Democratic Presidential Candidates will continue to produce winners convention . This decision was taken after a meeting held between the Committee of the Upper House Democratic Convention , at the residence of SBY , Cikeas , Bogor , on Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) night .

" The result of that meeting , the convention will be continued . April 26 debate will be conducted in Jakarta , " said Chairman of the Convention Committee Maftuh Basyuni , when contacted on Tuesday night .

According Maftooh , it ranks at the meeting of the Convention Committee , of which the Secretary of the Committee Suaidi Marasabessy convention and the Democratic Party elite as Syarif Hasan , Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono , Wacik , Roy , EE Mangindaan , Amir Shamsuddin , and Toto Riyanto . The meeting was chaired by SBY .

Maftooh said , after the execution of the last debate in Jakarta , the committee will conduct a survey in cooperation with pollsters . The results of the survey will be considered the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party to choose one winner among the 11 participants of the convention .

Winners convention , called Maftooh , is that carried the Democratic Party candidate . " We are only responsible for preparing the candidate . If for example the Democrats can not be constrained to 20 percent today, could form a coalition with the other , "said the former Minister of Religious Affairs .

When asked whether it is possible to change the Democratic Party candidate strategy by simply carrying the vice president, Maftooh said , it is the policy of the Democratic Party .

"If we had choose a name candidate , but then can not get , so be it . Our job as the committee completed . If the policy is fully running mate upper house , can use the results of the committee , could also outside it , " he said .

Furthermore , Maftooh revealed , the President just gave instructions for the convention implemented as well as possible . President also hoped that the convention could give good results so that it can be maintained for promoted as a candidate .

Announcement of winners will be done ahead of the opening of the convention registration of candidates for president and vice president of the General Elections Commission ( KPU), which opened on May 10.

Previously reported , doubts about the continuation of the Democrat convention comes after a number of agencies on a quick count of the vote showed Democrats are expected only in the range of 9-10 percent . This figure is far from the target of 15 percent set and away from the requirement to carry the presidency with 20 percent of the seats in parliament , or 25 percent of the valid votes nationwide .
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With an overview of the vote , the Chief Executive of the Democratic Party Syarif Hasan claimed Democrats would be realistic to simply ask the vice presidential candidate .


Biofarma PT (Persero) is set so cultured area of IPR

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Biofarma set PT ( Persero ) as a cultured area of Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR ) , as an important marker of interest awareness of intellectual creativity and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry to achieve excellence .

Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Shamsuddin give the determination of the President Director of PT Biofarma ( Persero ) , Iskandar , the Indonesian Pharmaceutical GP 1st Session Sharing Forum , at the Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , on Tuesday.
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Together Biofarma PT ( Persero ) , the same determination is also given to PT Kalbe Farma and Dexa Medica .

Determination was also related to IPR Day 14 of the World , which combined with a national seminar with the theme tune in the national pharmaceutical industry .

Awareness and insight regarding IPR will be expected to lead to motivation and drive that pushed the pharmaceutical industry to be more creative again and innovate in the fields of product , production technology , and management .

"The award to us today will be the driving force of innovation in the application of enterprise systems . Pharmaceutical industry as part We hope that IPRs can support the development of technology , " he said .

Furthermore , " All of it so that any resulting intellectual innovation , by industry can be protected and can be used optimally , " he said .

He added that the forum is expected to improve the ability of the national pharmaceutical industry , which is pursued through research , technology development , and capacity building for the pharmaceutical industry .