Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

Ramadan and Eid Prone Circulation Upal

"The move is not only the anticipation of the fasting month, but as we know, during Ramadan is usually needs people increased, meaning that the velocity of money in Bengkulu also increased, especially approaching Idul Fitri, one of the most vulnerable in the large turnover of counterfeit money , "said Deputy Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia's Bengkulu, Azhar Achlusyani, in Bengkulu, Friday (27/6).

mcc-cibitung.com [ito] - Bank Indonesia (BI) Representative Bengkulu province seeks to anticipate the circulation of counterfeit money (Upal) during the month of Ramadan 1435 Hijri.

"The move is not only the anticipation of the fasting month, but as we know, during Ramadan is usually needs people increased, meaning that the velocity of money in Bengkulu also increased, especially approaching Eid, one of the most vulnerable in the large turnover of counterfeit money , "said Deputy Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia's Bengkulu, Azhar Achlusyani, in Bengkulu, Friday (27/6).

According to him, the first step in order to reduce the circulation of counterfeit money in the community by increasing the intensity of socialization how to distinguish genuine and fake money.

"Counterfeit money easily circulated in the area where people are less aware about the characteristics of the original money," he said.

Society must recognize the physical characteristics of real money in circulation, at least in a simple way that is characteristic to the eye.

"For the prevention of rogue actors fake money dealers, we coordinate with the Regional Police Bengkulu, by providing data that we've got to do the investigation," he said.

Noted, in 2013, the circulation of counterfeit money in Bengkulu increased compared to the same event in 2012. Read: ucapan selamat idul fitri

"In 2013, 100 thousand nominal Upal found as many as 118 sheets, 35 sheets of nominal 50 thousand, while in 2012 we find each of 17 pieces of money," he said.

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Jumat, 20 Juni 2014

YouTube Launches Music Service Plan Paid

YouTube Launches Music Service Plan Paid

YouTube said on Tuesday (17/6) that it plans to launch a paid streaming music service amid criticism about the free video site that could block of music videos that the label does not agree to its terms.
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YouTube has partnered with many well-known music labels for the new service, said in a statement the company representative, and confirming long-standing rumors that the most popular online video websites in the world it would offer a paid music service.

Quoted from Reuters, the news broke because some music trade groups have criticized the plan potentially blocking YouTube content specific label on a free service YouTube with advertising support unless they signed an agreement to participate in the new service streaming music subscription service.
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According to a press release issued by the Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network last month, YouTube deals offered "very unfavorable, and non-negotiable". YouTube declined to comment on the terms of the offer, but said in a statement that the new service will provide new revenue for the music industry. (*)


Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Love Story Facebook and WhatsApp on Valentine's Day

Love Story Facebook and WhatsApp on Valentine's Day

CALIFORNIA - Purchase by Facebook WhatsApp does not happen in an instant . Business Insider According to sources , the acquisition process take as long as two years until an agreement is reached and announced on Wednesday, February 19 , local time .

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first contacted the CEO WhatsApp January Koum in spring 2012 . A month later , the two met over a cup of coffee in the region of Los Altos , California , United States ( U.S. ) . Since then the two sides continue negotiations .

Although Zuckerberg continues to ' woo ' , but the deal has not happened . However, this relationship is still well maintained . There is even a series of meetings at the dinner , which showed a positive response from WhatsApp .

Time passed , finally on February 9, 2014 , Zuckerberg invited Koum for dinner at his house . He proposed merger . " Let us connect the world together , " Zuckerberg said at the time Koum .

He said that cooperation between the two companies will not be the usual startup acquisition , but rather a partnership . Facebook founder was revealed , will put on its Board of Directors Koum Facebook .

Zuckerberg apparently successful bid to attract Koum . He thought about it for a few days . Demikia as reported by Business Insider , Thursday ( 20/02/2014 ) .
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Finally on Friday, February 14 , Koum Zuckerberg visited the house . At that time, Zuckerberg was having dinner with his wife , Priscilla , in order Valentine's Day .

Shoots beloved , side dish arrived . Koum agree with Zuckerberg bid . Needless to gain time , both immediately agreed value of the acquisition .


Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Want to Ration Health Officer Rusun

The harshness of life in Jakarta does not make Ning ( 58 ) give up. Tirelessly , at age have started entering the twilight , he still continued to work sweeping the streets of the capital city.

As a janitor Jakarta , grandmother of three grandchildren were dealing with garbage and road dust . Ironically , their rights as workers never stuck . Ning said, he had not received salaries for five months . Although ultimately paid , the salary cut .
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" Yesterday when to pay 4 months , cut Rp 400,000 , he said it because we owe . Yeah , my sincere mah course , which is important to pay the rent and debt everywhere , " said Ning to Kompas.com , Tuesday ( 27 / 5/2014 ) .

He went on , he has not received the honor in May. He hoped this month honorarium is not cut because he already owed ​​to loan sharks . Debts of Rp 1 million to Rp 200,000 per month interest .

" Not to mention pay the rent for Rp 500,000 a month , while my salary only if the failure by Rp 2.4 million per day to enter. If baseball in, it hit piece , " he said .

Therefore , he wants the janitor was given one unit of subsidized flats . "If the right flats can be a little too hefty to reduce the burden , " said the woman from the Sukabumi .

He said that one of her friends who also worked as a janitor had experienced difficulties when applying for flats in Marunda . " Quite a long time the new ngajuinnya to six months can be , but if the rich really fast only to units there . Lot of it is to have a car to stay in the flat , " he complained .

He is hoping that the government may consider the proposal , and may soon be able to pay salaries to connect his life . " Hopefully Mr. Ahok can listen to what we say , " he hoped .

As reported , a number of street sweepers and cleaners at the field level in North Jakarta has not received honoraria directly from Jakarta Provincial Government . Because the automated teller machines and card accounts they still held firm partner Jakarta Cleanliness Department .

Not only that , some officers , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) , also said that the company cut their wages . Gl ( 52 ) , a janitor in Koja , North Jakarta , said only received Rp 1.5 million salary this month or lower than it should be , USD 2.4 million .


Sabtu, 24 Mei 2014

Jokowi: I am Haji, father, mother, and sister I also Hajj

Joko Widodo presidential candidate expressed clarification on Islamic religious background and her family while attending the trial Tanwir Muhammadiyah in Samarinda , East Kalimantan , on Saturday ( 24/05/2014 ) .

" I Jokowi , Alhamdulillah I 've Hajj . Mr. I Hajj , the pilgrimage of my mother , and my sister also had the Hajj , " said Jokowi in front of hundreds of trial participants Tanwir Muhammadiyah .

Jokowi also emphasized that Islamic cultures inherent in the family . For families who are " capable " , Jokowi and his parents went to the Holy Land to carry out the last pillars of Islam . " Yes religion is necessary , so if you were able to be immediately equipped , " he said .
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This affirmation becomes gain from the previous press release received today the mass media . In a press statement , Joko Widodo , insists he is a part of Islam that rahmatan lil alamin , Islam brings peace , not hatred ( read : I Jokowi , part of the Islamic Rahmatan Lil Alamin ) .

" I Jokowi , part of the Islamic rahmatan lil Alamin . Muslims who live and work in the country thoroughbred who uphold the Constitution RI 45 . Unity in diversity is the grace of God , " said Jokowi in the press release .

This answer accusations addressed to Jokowi in social media . Jokowi often referred to as a lackey of the Zionist , America , China , and the mafia . "Everyone should feel free in my religion , but I have no doubt with faith and my priest and I never hesitate to Islam my religion , " he said .

Jokowi also said he was not part of the group claimed that Islam has the goal of achieving an Islamic state . He also states that claim is not part of Islam , but likes to spread terror and hatred .

" I'm not part of the Islamic group mengafirkan own brother as he pleased , " he said .

Jokowi also said he was not a part of Islam that covered a handful of robberies treasure , bloodied sword covered with the robe and turban . Jokowi also not part of Islam that brought the verses of God to deceive the people .

He pleaded not part of Islam that brings the principles of his party for corruption and luxury of life . He also claimed not part of Islam that creates war for fellow Muslims .

" I'm not a part of Islam that oppresses other religions . I am not a part of Islam that arrogant and wielding a sword in the hand and in the mouth . I am not a part of Islam that likes fustun - lined fustun her , " he said .


Kamis, 22 Mei 2014

Shocked Jokowi Teachers Building taxed Rp 2 Billion

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo surprised to hear that for a change of designation of buildings Indonesian Teachers Association ( PGRI ) must pay a tax of Rp 2 billion to the IRS .

Jokowi present at the friendship between the Governor and members of the Teachers Building PGRI in Indonesia, Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta , on Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) morning . Chairman PGRI Sulistiyo disclose the matter to Jokowi .

" This building from 1986 . New this year was the process behind the name . We 've asked the tax department , but must pay Rp 2 billion, " he said in front of Jokowi .
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" We try to propose to the Governor , is there a possibility considering the teaching profession , we can never have to pay taxes ? " he continued .

Sulistiyo revealed , it would be nice if the teacher building formally owned by the teachers themselves . This is because the physical status of the building is still right to build ( HGB ) , non-proprietary ( HM ) .

Jokowi promised to take care of the tax relief petition . He asserted that the public interest is number one .

" It could be eliminated , or mitigated as light-light . Make us baseball is no problem , " said Jokowi .

In the event , Jokowi speech related education. On the occasion, some of the teachers had expressed criticism of the government's expectations and related education.


Rabu, 21 Mei 2014

Not Comprehensive, Action "furious" Ganjar at Weigh Stations Only Imaging

Recently, the Governor of Central Java furious when he saw the direct practice of illegal levies at weigh stations in Batang . As a result , Java Dishubkominfo inflamed and fired a number of officers and implement a zero tolerance policy for pungi . However , all of the series of events was assessed only imaging .

" ( Practice ) Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2012 provides flexibility truck freight tonnage exceeding the limit by a government gets revenue from fines overloading , " blasted Chief Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia Representative of Central Java , Ahmad Zaid , Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) . The law governing the control of freight transport .
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Ganjar actions and policies follow from its ranks , it is immediately impacted . For example , Unggaran court hearing on Wednesday to get a speeding ticket surge overloaded incredible . From an average of 60 cases in each court case of violation weighbridge , Wednesday 's court handles 1,829 cases .

According to Zaid , the function should weigh a charge of control over the vehicle . Therefore , when an overload occurs the necessity to do is lose excess goods . " Instead of passing on the condition to pay the fine , " he blasted .

Zaid was argued in this case Ganjar should take comprehensive measures , integral , and strategic . " There should be partial . Not necessarily come , furious - furious . Was imaging alone , " he said . " Regulation ( 1 of 2012 ) the ambivalent , " he stated .

Following angry Ganjar action , according to Zaid currently in Central Java, there are only two operating weigh stations , namely in the nest , Apex , and at Winton . "Why ? Because they ( officials ) did not want to risk a fight with the driver , " he said .

On the one hand, these officials shall menilang driver who transports excess goods , said Zaid , but on the other hand they are also exposed to the target revenue from fines overloaded . Subah weighbridge , Rod , who became " location " Ganjar angry, for example , according to Zaid taxable income of the target high enough fines of Central Java province .

" And all this time they ( Subah weighbridge ) is always a surplus , " said Zaid referring institution information received . In 2012 , he said quoting the information , weigh Subah got a target of Rp 2.48 billion and realized 99 percent , valued at USD 2.46 billion . Then , in 2013 , received a weighbridge target of Rp 2.81 billion to Rp 3.33 miilar darn realized .

" So the money was collected , they collect without receipts , was deposited each day . Ada ( proof ) in the Bank of Central Java Limpung . Indeed, SOPs one without a receipt , but let's fix together . Do not ( just ) blame , " said Zaid .

As the agency that oversees the implementation of policies and public services , Ombudsmen suggest at least two things do Ganjar related rearrangement of functions and existence of the weighbridge . The first suggestion is infrastructure improvements .

As for the second suggestion , said Zaid , is the enforcement of regulations in place to hold a hearing . " ( For ) 24 hours there ( trial ) so there was no extortion , " he said . " The question is , what would the officer every night hanging out there for the ( title ) in the trial ? "